Memorial Day Tournament

Memorial Day Tournament

Since 2007, Chicagoland Sunday Baseball proudly hosts the largest Memorial Day Tournament in the Chicagoland area. The 2019 tournament had over 150 teams participate that was hosted by 10 different towns.

In terms of competition, this tournament is easily the most competitive aspect of our league. If you are looking to test your team against the best part time travel teams in the area, this is the tournament for you!

The Memorial Day tournament is only available to teams registered in our spring season and the tournament is held over the course of 3 days. Each team is guaranteed 3 round robin games with games on Saturday and Sunday. If your team wins your pool or the wildcard slot, you will advance to the single elimination semi finals/championship hosted on Monday.

We highly suggest signing up for the tournament as soon as you can! Slots fill up quickly each year, so if you want your team to participate, it is better to sign up for it sooner rather than later. If your team is unable to grab one of the spots in the tournament, your team will be placed on a waitlist in case a team drops out.

The cost to participate in the tournament is $400 per team.

In order to participate, we will need a copy of your team’s roster. The maximum amount of players on a roster is 15 players. Rosters can be uploaded to our website through your team login or it can be printed out and mailed to our PO Box.

In addition to this, each team needs to bring copies of each players’ birth certificates to the tournament. CLSB officials will check each team’s birth certificates before the game starts, so make sure that all birth certificates are in the head coaches’ possession in the dugout.

Ways to register:

  1. When registering for the spring season, select the “9 game + Memorial Day Tournament” option under season type.
  2. Print out the Memorial Day Roster tournament registration form from our website. Then mail the filled-out form with payment to our PO box address.